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When Thor returned to Earth, he quickly found himself in battle with Loki over the fate of Kevin Masterson. Although Thor defeated Loki, the trickster fired one last blast at Kevin and his mother Marcy, but it was blocked by Eric’s secretary, Susan Austin, killing her. Angered as never before, Thor absorbed all of Loki's lifeforce with his hammer, seemingly destroying the evil god forever, despite breaking Odin's sacred rule forbidding Asgardian gods from killing each other.

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When Thor returned, he discovered Asgard had been claimed held captive by the cruel Dark Gods (beings formerly banished by the Asgardians to the farthest reaches of the universe). They sent the Destroyer to Earth on a rampage, leaving the Avengers defeated and Thor nearly dead. The mysterious being named Marnot (secretly Hescamar, one of Odin’s magical ravens) offered to restore Thor in exchange for taking the place of Jake Olsen, a paramedic who died during the battle. Thor agreed, fighting the Destroyer again and banishing it to another dimension. Thor found he could transform between himself and Olsen, although he had none of Olsen’s memories, making it difficult to maintain two identities.

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Thor went through quite an ordeal over the course of this storyline, even being forced to tear out his own eyes and repeat the ritual that gave Odin his incredible power. Thor emerged from this trial stronger than ever, but even with a repaired Mjolnir, he couldn't prevent Asgard's inevitable destruction. Thor had to content himself with the knowledge that he finally ended the constant cycle of death and rebirth that feeds the cosmic beings known as "Those Who Sit Above in Shadow." And with that victory came a well-deserved rest. Thor wouldn't appear again in the regular Marvel Universe for almost three years.

Hammer of God

The star’s explosion reached Midgard the Asgardian name for Earth and almost destroyed the planet as well. The process occurred millions of years in the past, making it a possibility for creating an extinction level event on Earth, like sending debris hurtling toward the planet that could cause just the right amount of damage.

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Energy Projection: With Mjolnir, its can project powerful mystical blasts of energy. He can even channel energies for stronger energy attacks.

After a battle between Asgard and the Egyptian god of death, Seth, which resulted in Odin triumphantly returned to the throne of Asgard, Thor began to suffer sudden and momentary bouts of weakness during times of stress. Travelling within Thor’s mind, Doctor Stephen Strange the Sorcerer Supreme, discovered an evil version of Thor present, derived from Loki’s evil residue which had manifested when Thor, Loki, and Odin had mingled their essences to battle Surtur. Thor defeated his evil alternate version within himself.

One metal that can withstand uru is more uru. When Thor’s hammer was used against some of his enemies on Asgard, set against him by Loki, those who had weapons made of uru were able to put up a fight. Uru, however, isn’t typically found in weapons when he makes his way to Earth.

Unfortunately, while the ending of the issue implied Conan went on to enjoy his newfound godhood, we never actually see what a Mjolnir-wielding Cimmerian is capable of. This is one What If? issue that definitely needs a sequel.

The Destroyer armor has been both one of the great thorns in Thor's side and one of his greatest allies in battle. It all depends on whomever happens to be wielding the indestructible suit at any given time. Thor learned just how powerful the Destroyer can be in their very first clash in Journey Into Mystery #668. Loki, up to his usual tricks, used his magic to awaken the armor and cause more mischief for his brother. But even Loki realized he may have bitten off more than he could chew, forcing the trickster to attempt to intervene on Thor's behalf.

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