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Date: 2018-01-08 07:31.

Web development refers to the non-design aspects of building websites among professionals. It actually is a broad term for any activity related to developing a website.

Pure Faces - Erotic pictures of the most beautiful nude

We have scored 8 bronze awards at the Mixx Digital Advertising Awards. “Turkcell Internet Festival” brought home two bronzes for the “Rich Media Display Ads” and “Brand Awareness and Positioning” categories. We won the third award with Allianz “Create Your Own Turkish Movie” campaign for the “Interactive Videos and Online Films" category. Congratulations to all our staff for their hard work and our clients for their faith in us.

Pure Beauties

Puresilkduvet is the trading name of Corelli Solutions Limited. We have been selling silk bedding for the last 9 years and in existence for the last 68 years. We own, design and distribute silk products under the Trademark Silkweb&trade and we aim to produce the highest quality silk duvets, silk sheets, silk pillows and silk bedding in the UK. We are also distributors of the Silkweb&trade line throughout stores in Europe.

Luxury Pure Silk Duvet, Silk Bedding, Silk Sheets, Silk

We created two special short videos for Allianz. Well known football commentator Okay Karacan and birth photographer Ferhan Saral talked about how we "become 6" at a football match and at a birth event.

Yes indeed! Not only we conveyed users' photos, but also we wanted those stories to be evaluated by professionals. Our innovative Instagram integrated Allianz campaign attracted such a big attention and in the end, a photography lover won a professional camera.

On the second year of Fiat Calendar Shoot, the girls are cuter, the cars are hotter and the shoot is even cooler. So get online and show your photography skills.

For Samsung's new washers, we have created a website called "Hangisi Haklı?" (Who is right?). What happens when daughter-in-law and mother-in-law start a rap battle about household chores? Visitors watch our fun videos and then decide who is right. They also share their own stories and have a chance to win one of three state-of-the-art Samsung washers!

Huawei, global technology giant that operates in more than 695 countries, finalized its conquer by agreeing with Pure New Media. Huawei attracts great attention with its newest phone models and is also the service provider of 85% of 9,5G infrastructure in Turkey. Huawei is one of the most ambitious players in the smartphone market…
ATL, BTL and digital communications of Huawei and its products will be carried out by Pure New Media as the winner of this conquer. In addition, the strategy and management of the Huawei social media accounts will also be under the responsibility of Pure New Media.

We are delighted to announce the addition of female pure silk nightwear to our range. Aimed at the luxury end of the market, these garments are magnificent in their quality and designs and really complete your sleeping experience.. read more

We created a fun and exciting micro site where users go on a never ending journey with Mogaz Otogaz LPG. It is not only the joy of driving, there are great gifts awaiting on the way to the target as well!

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