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Date: 2018-01-08 00:19.

If you haven't already, check out our review of The Mighty Thor #755  and find out why we said, "The Mighty Thor was Marvel's best ongoing superhero comic before Marvel legacy, and it shows every sign of maintaining that status in this new relaunch."

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On Monday, a teaser trailer for Taika Waititi’s addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, “Thor: Ragnarok,” was finally released.

Thor has his eye and hammer back in new 'Avengers

Allspeak : Thanks to the Allspeak Thor can communicate in all of the languages of the Nine Realms, Earth's dialects, and various alien languages. [757] [758]

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Iron Man attacks him and the couple trade blows when Iron Man refuses to allow Thor to take Loki away. When Captain America intervenes, he points out that they shouldn't be fighting each other, and asks Thor to put Mjolnir down. In response, Thor strikes Iron Man aside and brings his hammer down on Captain America, who blocks it with his shield. The shield absorbs the impact, shocking Thor, who realizes they have the same goal and stops fighting.

Once the crisis is over, Thor joins the other Avengers in confronting Loki, who had already been beaten into submission by the Hulk, and takes him into custody. After claiming the Tesseract, Thor takes Loki back to Asgard, by opening a portal with it and leaves the other Avengers in Central Park.

Thor ended up being the only Avenger unaffected by the Gamma-radiation the Leader had released after his first failure. When questioned by the Leader on why he was not infected, Thor explained that it was because he was Asgardian and was unaffected by the same things mortals are. Realizing that he is useless in his plans, Leader has Abomination and Absorbing Man attack him, the latter absorbing Mjolnir's material. However, Thor was able to control Absorbing Man and sent him flying into the Leader. He later helped Hawkeye and Hulk defeat Leader.

Shortly before facing the horde of Beyonders, Odinson tried to recover Thorr 's Mjolnir, which he had dropped during the previous fight. When he tried to lift it, he found himself unable to do so, meaning that he had become worthy once more. Thor laughed at this, and faced his death wielding Jarnbjorn alongside Hyperion. [657]

Mjølnir was used by Thor when he was imprisoned in Muspelheim. He summoned his hammer to get free of his shackles and then fought Surtur 's army of Fire Demons with it. Upon returning to Asgard , after learning from Surtur that Odin was no longer there, Thor used Mjølnir to threaten the "Odin" impostor to reveal himself, and as he suspected he was revealed to be Loki. The two brothers went to Earth to find their father, so in order to hide it from the public, Mjølnir transformed into an umbrella.

Indomitable Will : Thor has shown to have a powerful force of will, so much so that he has defied the will of his father Odin, who is his king and is bound to serve him, on several occasions if he feels the need to do so. He does not back down from any foe, does not give into a fight and is willing to lay down his own life in defense of others. On occasion, he has demonstrated the will power necessary to overcome mental domination. [759]

Captain America orders Thor to use his power to stem the flow of enemies coming through the portal, which he does use lightning bolts. He then joins the battle once more and helps Hulk bring down a Leviathan. During the battle he gets punched by Hulk for their earlier fight at the Helicarrier. Soon, Iron Man sends a nuclear missile intended for the city through the portal. This destroys the Chitauri base, causing the forces to be cut off from their power source and die, while the Black Widow closes the portal.

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