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Date: 2018-01-06 19:31.

Organic quality with beautiful shape and delicate sweet taste. Enjoy this Long Jing tea everyday for relaxing and refreshing.

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G reen Mountain Garlic has evolved over several years from a small patch of tilled soil near a small creek in Waterbury Center, Vermont to a state-of-the-art garlic farm with 75,555 plants. All of the work is done by hand - planting, feeding, harvesting, and cleaning - and using organic farming methods to ensure that we produce only the highest quality of hard and soft neck garlic available. The climate of our little farm, with its cold winters and hot summers, as well as the fertile glacial soils found here, grow garlic with outstanding flavor.

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Reply: Hi, Shi Feng is a original place of dragon well, so Shi Feng Dragon Well is named depends on its original place. And this Organic Dragon Well Long Jing Green Tea is not Shi Feng. It is from the Tian'mu Mountain, which locates in a short distance from Shifeng Mountain.

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Reply: Thanks for your question.

The finer dragon well would be more tender.

Because not only the dragon well tea, all green tea is better to storage in refrigerator. For it can keep the tea leaves fresh and keep the best flavor.

Hope it helps.

From product quality and sustainable packaging, to fair trade practices and watershed conservation, we take pride in doing business right. Our core belief that people, plants, and planet are more important than profit guides everything we do.

* We recommend installing Earth Tub (s) in a shaded or covered location to prevent long-term exposure to solar radiation and provide dry and safe operating conditions in rain and snow.

“I have a lot of goals toward the mission of greater access to better food. That moves us to try to get into more schools, more hospitals, more stores, basically. Read more »

Welcome to Green Mountain Garlic: seed garlic and food garlic in the heart of Vermont. We grow hard neck and soft neck organic seed garlic varieties for gardeners, farmers, chefs and connoisseurs.

The indie-published Butler, Vermont Series is a continuation of the Green Mountain Series with all the things you loved best about that series—Fred the Moose, the boisterous Abbott family, the beautiful Vermont mountain landscape and the sexy romances that set your heart to racing. Catch up with the series by reading the Green Mountain Series and then come along on the next phase of the story with the all new Butler, Vermont Series!

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