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Suddenly a loud noise rang in the team's ear as they were greeted by heavily damaged Iron Legion drone that accused them all of being killers. The robot claimed that while awakening from a sleep, it had killed somebody , but when Captain America questioned who, the robot did not answer. When Thor asked the drone who sent him, the robot only replied by replaying an audio tape of something Tony Stark had said revealing himself as Ultron , an artificial intelligent android created by Stark with Bruce Banner 's help, designed to safeguard all of humanity.

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British - in particular, crude copies of the Britains/Herald British Infantry appeared from time to time, molded in green plastic. They were sold as regular Army Men. I remember the copies had the rounder, later type of British helmet, and Sten guns, rifles, bren automatic rifles and a radioman.

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As they worked, a fly (who, of course, was none other than Loki in disguise) stung Sindri 8767 s hand. When the dwarf pulled his creation out of the fire, it was a living boar with golden hair. This was Gullinbursti ( 8775 Golden-bristled 8776 ), who gave off light in the dark and could run better than any horse, even through water or air.

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I love this key chain! I was surprised at how heavy and solid it actually is. I think you could actually pound a nail in with this thing LOL

Mjolnir gets its name, much like Thor, from Norse mythology, and much of what it can do is inspired by the legend of Thor, though Marvel comic writers have certainly had their fun with it over the years, like making Mjolnir capable of time travel or bringing the dead back to life.

Taking to Instagram , the Stoker writer shared what he would do if he was in the director’s chair for Prison Break season 6. No one knows what the “powers-that-be” thought of his pitch, but prepare for things to get meta really meta.

Of course, the easiest thing was to have a war in a sand pile. You could also use the living room, with furniture being the landscape. Favorite variants were Army Men versus Dinosaurs, Army Men versus Spacemen, and Army Men having a war around the electric trains.

Thor returned to his own room within the Asgardian Palace where he bathed to prepare for the upcoming celebrations for the Asgardian's recent victory in the Marauders' War. However, instead of being joyful, Thor remained melancholy as he stepped to his window and looked out over Asgard, considering if his future remained there as King of Asgard, or if he should return to Earth to reunite with his new allies, the Avengers and pursue a future with Foster. [5]

Gone Home: Console Edition and The Turing Test were both selections for October, providing a exploration and puzzles to the Halloween proceedings.

They returned to the Helicarrier , where Loki was put inside a cell designed to hold and dispose of Hulk if necessary. Thor joined the rest of the team as they watched while Nick Fury questioned Loki, with Thor's brother refusing to give up the location of the Tesseract and mocking their efforts to stop him. With the interrogation over, Thor revealed to the team that Loki had now gathered an entire army of the Chitauri who were not from Asgard or any other realm known to him.

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