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Date: 2017-12-28 05:07.

I have been working out for about two and a half years but I just couldn't lose the last 65 pounds of body fat I wanted to lose.  I started taking your advice recently and eventually lost those extra 65 pounds of fat I wanted to lose!  I did it your way which to me is the smart way. 

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The &ldquo One&rdquo program shows you how to take just one exercise &ndash the Double Swing, and eat its lunch. (The best part? You&rsquo re only looking at 85 minutes of workout time per week. Yes, it&rsquo s that powerful.) I&rsquo ve only revealed this program one other time, and that was at a lecture on Program Design at a recent RKC Certification.

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Being stronger means you can produce more force. And producing more force means you can do more work. And doing more work requires more energy in the form of stored calories &ndash or body fat. So the stronger you are, the more potential body fat you can burn.


Sure, they may not have the physiques that you or I want &ndash but they&rsquo re stronger than their competitors because they&rsquo re the ones that win.

The second step was to start the exercises, since I was more than half way to achieving my goal, this was more fun than I thought. I started off slow and increased as my fitness levels got better. I now exercise three days a week  using mainly the exercises in Mike's book, I also do a little strength training like pull ups and tricep extensions just to boost my muscular strength. I have been doing so for only two months and have had great results, I have not got a six pack stomach as yet, but my stomach is flat and I am so confident that it is only a matter of  short time since all the hard work has  been achieved to get rid of the bulge I once called a stomach.

I was searching for a program to genuinely help me lose body fat and get a six pack.  I came across your website and the money back guarantee you offered suggested to me that you believed in what you were offering & not just interested in selling your e-book. Anyway, I made the purchase on the basis that I'd give it a try and if it wasn't any good I'd ask for my money back.

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So I wanted to give you my very best information in a format that virtually ensures that you use it and gain from it &ndash DVDs that you can watch and learn from repeatedly and a real hold-in-you-hand book that you can study at your own pace. Not just digital copies this time.

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I'd tried low carb, low fat, extremely low calorie diets mixed with running but it never seemed to work and now I know why! Everything makes sense now. As for the workouts, they're really challenging - never sweat so much!!  I've never been fitter or stronger than what I am now, everybody says how well I look. I can't thank you enough your book is an absolute bargain.

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